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Feeling Guilty About Moving Forward

Do you, or did you, feel guilty about having any kind of living your life again after the loss of your loved one? I have received emails and comments from people who have felt guilty and I have to put myself in there as well, about doing anything that may make me feel good, or smile, laugh, and so forth.

In the early stages of grief, we are overwhelmed with pain, sadness, heartbreak, a living nightmare. And as time goes by, it sometimes feels that if we have any kind of feeling to smile, laugh, or enjoy - however brief - a moment of fun, we tend to feel guilty about it. I know I felt guilty. It feels that we are not honoring the loss of our loved one who have crossed over, that we should stay in mourning, that we may think that our loved ones may be upset with us or think we may be forgetting about them - and we shouldn't be smiling, laughing, watching a ballgame or a movie.

I felt this way for a time, until we had a reading with a spirit medium, Vicki Monroe. Our son Billy told us through Vicki that he is ok, healthy and happy. Billy wants us to be happy, not to feel guilty about living our lives; Billy is still so very much with us and wanting us to live our lives to the fullest.

Of course we could never forget about them or they would be upset with us. But that is the effect that the loss of a loved one does to us... it throws us for a major loop, we don't always think straight. We absolutely can grieve the loss of our loved ones. I sure did. We are human, we have feelings; it's a part of who we are. It's just that we should never feel guilty about smiling, laughing, going to a movie or a ballgame, starting to live our lives again... Of course in time. Grieving is different for everyone, and it takes time to start the process of moving forward. And in our own time, which we all have to do and to never feel guilty about moving forward.

Every single loved one who has ever crossed over... if they could get a message across to us, it would be:

I am OK,
I am always with you,
Never ever feel guilty for moving forward,
Live your life to the fullest,
And most of all - I LOVE YOU


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