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Letting Go

It has been posted in our group page and spoken of many times among people all over the world, about "letting go" of the loss of a loved one.

"Letting go" can have many meanings and can be interpreted differently by everyone. Maybe the words "letting go" should be substituted by some other term, like start to move forward when you're ready, or people should be more specific on what they mean by letting go, and of what... I've been through the "letting go" part, having to deal with the loss of our son Billy, and having people mention those words and thinking about them myself.

We NEVER really "let go" or ever will. I will never let go.
There is one part we do have to let go, which I mention next.

What I have lived through and learned about "letting go" from the loss of our son Billy and of our loved ones who have crossed over is that we only have to let go of the physical part of thinking and feeling that they may one day walk just walk in that front door or give us a call or we'll wake up and the entire event was just a dream/nightmare. Being obsessed, with trying to find a way to have them back in flesh and blood. I know EXACTLY how it feels. I'll use one of my own examples... and this is no joke... I have told this to only 2 people, my wife and I told Vicki Monroe during a reading we had with her. I was so desperate to find a way to get my son back, and I wanted Billy back, just like all of you, that I looked at books and went online to see if there was any possible way of going back in time, and I didn't care if I had to sell our house to do it (if it was even possible). NO, of course not. But when in deep grief you will try just about any means, however remote or impossible, they may be to find a way. Oh by the way, I did read and I can't recall word for word... but it did say if I had like 100 million dollars and 50 years time, it may be possible. Well, I am lucky to have 100.00... lol... and in 50 years I'll have crossed over anyway. Oh well.

Yes, we do have to only "let go", or whatever else you would like to call it, but only of that one part of them, the flesh and blood part, I mentioned above AND IN OUR OWN TIME. It's different for everyone; there is no set time or way of doing it. If we don't, we can't really start moving forward again. Our loved ones who have crossed over want with all of their heart for us to start the process of moving forward and to be happy, of course it takes time to heal and start to move forward with our lives.

Our loved ones who have crossed over are always so very close by, all be it in spirit or energy form, OUR true form, for that is who we really are, a spirit being, using a human form experiencing a flesh and blood life here on the physical plain on (earth, our school)... to learn, teach, grow spiritually, accomplish thing's, experience life to the fullest... to LOVE... how we treat one another. When our own journey/purpose here is completed, we to will go back to our real home, "heaven, "afterlife, "the other side" - they are all the same - where we will all be together again. Our loved ones are only a thought away. They can and do hear us when we think about them or speak about them. Our loved ones know what the love we have for them is in our hearts, and they have nothing but pure love for us.

I, like many of you, have had to deal with "letting go" or am in the process of "letting go" (the physical part), and it doesn't mean we let go of their memory or items of theirs. That would be crazy. I have, and I am sure you all have, and will always have, awesome and loving memories about your loved ones who have crossed over. I sure do, and will always have them. The same goes for some items you may have kept of your loved one; again I sure have kept and will always keep them. Billy was, and is, my son. I will always have Billy in my memories, talk about him and keep a few items of his. And I am human, of flesh and blood with a human mind... and I, like everyone else, have feelings.

Just because we "let go" of the physical part of our loved one, doesn't mean our loved ones will think we have let them go, have forgotten about them, or think they will be upset with us, for "letting go" of the physical part of them... NEVER HAPPEN, THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE. We who are here still have our own journey/purpose here and when our work here is finished, we too will cross over and be reunited with all of our loved ones, and our hearts will be filled with joy and pure love. While we are here, we do the best that we can, live our lives to the fullest - knowing that our loved ones who have crossed over are still very much with us.


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