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Our Story of Loss

Update on Grieving for Billy - March 2008

It's been nearly 3 years since I have added an update to the Our Story part of our website. I'll begin by saying that we are doing very well since this story was first written back in March of 2005.

As time goes by, the loss of Billy has gotten easier to deal with. And living, holidays, family gatherings, weddings and Billy's birthday have gotten much easier to deal with. We are both working, enjoying our family, friends, and living our lives to the fullest. Knowing that Billy is always near to us in spirit, that he gives us signs through photographs has helped comfort us.

It takes time to heal from the loss of a loved one, and everyone heals in their own way and their own length of time. You have to take it one day at a time. Know this, our loved ones who have crossed over to heaven are still with us; they are back in their true spirit form, pure energy. They are with us and can hear us when we think about them or talk to them, and they do give us signs that they are around us - we just have to keep an open mind.

Spirit Essence
Spirit Essence

Spirit Orbs
Spirit Orbs

I would like to go back to late April, early May of 2005 because that is when an amazing event began to happen in our lives, with the discovery of images we have been able to receive through our photographs, Signs from Billy.

I began to notice that an image or images would appear in some of our pictures that we were taking, in the form of "orbs", sparks of light of different types and colors, streaking lights, angel lights, "mist cloud" or as I prefer spirit essence, and my favorite the heart shaped pictures of the moon, street lights and Christmas tree lights. Here are a few samples of the type of photographs that we are able to take.

heart shaped moonAnd of course my favorite signs from Billy are the heart shaped photos. This photo of the heart shaped moon was taken on October 21, 2005. It's a close up of one of the first photographs which you will find on the Heart Shaped Photos page.

I would take my camera or cameras and take random pictures indoors, outdoors, day or night. I would then download them to my computer and copy them to cds. The following pages of our website have a sample of the thousands of photos we have collected beginning around 10 months after our son Billy crossed over to Heaven.

heart shaped photoThe photos that we have collected since 2005 are signs from Billy and others who have crossed over to Heaven. They are letting us know that they are still among us but now back in their true form, spirit, pure energy. Only our physical body dies. Our real self is spirit; pure energy is then released with their memories intact and released to our real home, Heaven. To define Heaven, Billy told us through Spirit Messenger, Vicki Monroe, is to think of the most beautiful day and happiest day that you have ever had and multiply that by an infinite number. That is how much better and beautiful Heaven is.

The heart shaped photographs are my favorite. The one taken on October 21, 2005 is my favorite of all because it is perfect and it is the first one that I noticed that was heart shaped. The heart shaped photos are also my favorite for two very important reasons:

    1) They come from Billy who is sending us his love.

    2) The heart shaped photos also remind me of the most important reason that they are sent to us.
        The heart is the symbol of love - the greatest and most powerful gift of all that we can give to EVERYONE.

heart shaped moon in January 2007
January 2007

heart shaped moon in May 2007
May 2007

Love was Jesus's one true message. All the worlds' technologies, advancements and religions won't make us better. People won't help make this world a better place and won't help make this world a safer place unless we all follow Jesus's one true message of LOVE no matter what race, religion, beliefs, culture, country, political view, lifestyle and so on. Love also means how we treat one another and not just family and friends. When we learn to love all people, help others, be kind, patient, forgiving, compassionate, tolerant, charitable and peaceful, we then will grow spiritually and we will become a better person and this world will be a better and safer place.

True love comes from the heart. These photographs that we are able to take are a reminder of that love, of what is really important, of what life is really about, and why we are here. LOVE IS EVERYTHING AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

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